IDC for Comprehensive A/E Ecosystem Restoration, Task Manager. Survey, Design, Engineering, and Investigative Services in support of the Civil Works Program. Baltimore, MD. This is a five-year, multi-discipline contract for architectural and engineering services for levees, dams, and other flood damage reduction, navigation, hurricane protection, shoreline protection, design and modeling for streams, wetlands, and other ecosystem restoration projects, hydrology/hydraulics, sediment transport, stream morphology and coastal and estuarine analysis. Tasks include: Washington Aquaduct Surveys - survey services including records research and review of public records as well as information provided by the USACE, field boundary survey, mapping services, the setting of property corners as well as a final survey, interim reports, and a final summary. Wright's Creek Ecosystem Restoration: Survey team performed bathymetric survey/creek bottom comparison. Carlisle Barracks Survey: Project required a boundary survey for three parcels of land and resubdivision between the RCI and the Army. Bloomsberg Flood Damage Reduction Survey: Mr. Ruzicka is managing all survey work to ensure that the ASPRS map accuracy standards are met. Control networks were established to facilitate production of digital orthophotos, planimetric mapping, and topographic (1' contour) mapping standards. Poplar Island Mapping - Poplar Island Mapping - Survey and mapping services in order to produce updated digital orthophotos and planimetric data products.

Accotink Creek Watershed Management Plan. Fairfax County, VA. Ruzicka -Survey Manager. Consultant prepared a management plan for the 51 square mile Accotink Creek watershed. The watershed is in both Piedmont and Coastal Plain terrain, and is approximately 70% developed. The scope of this project encompassed review of existing studies, former drainage plans, water quality data, and stream assessments, and modeling of existing and future conditions using SWMM, STEPL, and HEC-RAS to summarize current conditions and quantify flooding, water quality, and habitat problems. Subwatersheds were ranked to characterize high priority areas for retrofits, using GIS analysis, H/H and pollutant loading model results, and stream assessment data. To develop restoration projects, the team conducted field assessments of over 500 potential retrofit sites to assess their feasibility. Stormwater retrofits included new ponds and wetlands, pond retrofits, culvert retrofits, outfall protection, and LID retrofits. Stream projects included stream stabilization, stream restoration, and buffer restoration. Projects were evaluated and prioritized based on hydrologic and pollutant load modeling along with estimates of effectiveness in meeting other watershed goals and objectives, then compiled into 10- year and 25-year implementation plans. For each 10-year project, a summary sheet was prepared with a site map, photo, description of the project, location, benefits, constraints and costs. The survey team is providing an upland field survey to supplement the GIS analysis and modeling required to characterize the Accotink Creek watershed. The survey is intended to assist in the identification of pollution sources and potential restoration opportunities and also to supplement the SPA in areas where the SPA data is lacking. Surveyors are performed crossing surveys which include measurements of stream cross-sections immediately upstream and downstream of the crossing(s) (i.e. bridges or culvert), cross-sections farther downstream and upstream, measurements of the bridge or culvert openings, and roadway profile measurements to assist in hydraulic analysis. All data, including that collected using measuring tapes and levels are integrated into an all-inclusive drawing containing the existing topographic data.

On-Call Stream Restoration Design Services, Project No. 2004-04. Baltimore County, MD. Task Manager. Povided survey support services for environmental design of stream corridor restoration projects throughout the county under this five-year $500,000 open-end contract.

Quarantine Road Landfill Site Management Services, Project No. 1054. Baltimore, MD. Project Surveyor. Project involved preparation of a phase 1 permit application and phase 2 work plan for landfill expansion; boundary survey; photogrammetric topo and landfill volume calculations; investigations of gypsum scale and carbonate scale on leachate transport facilities; stormwater pollution prevention plan; groundwater, surface water, leachate, and air sampling; testing and MDE reporting; consolidated erosion and sediment control plan; community outreach assistance; landfill gas operation; and maintenance services. Mr. Ruzicka prepared boundary survey, photogrammetric topography, permanent benchmark monumentation.

On-Call Environmental Engineering Services for Hazardous Waste Handling, Project No. 967. Baltimore, MD. Task Manager. The project involved on-call environmental engineering services for handling hazardous waste materials. Services included sampling and analysis of hazardous water, determining extent of contamination, preparing reports, interpreting federal, state and local regulations, designing safe and cost-effective methods for the disposal of hazardous materials including lead, chrome, and oil contaminated soils, oversight of construction projects impacted by hazardous waste, preparing bid documents and cost estimates and assisting the city with meeting State/EPA Grant and Loan requirements and schedules. Tasks completed included UST compliance and hazardous waste materials management for the Central Garage. Mr. Ruzicka provided surveying support services, which included the design of a new sanitary sewer connection. This task required only a limited amount of disturbance, avoiding unnecessary submittals to Baltimore County SCD. This time saving measure will allow the county to meet construction deadlines for the project

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