Power and Energy Related Projects:

BGE Conastone Substation, Project Surveyor. Contracted by Baltimore Gas and Electric to provide surveying in conjunction with the expansion of the facility. In addition to the establishment of on-site survey control, survey crews utilized 3D Laser Scanning technology in order to safely and accurately locate and depict the existing structures and overhead components for use in the design. After processing and an electronic deliverable, designers were able to utilize the measurements and scan data to design the placement of proposed improvements to the site which were staked-out.

Susquehanna to Roseland Proposed 500Kv Transmission Line Survey, Project Surveyor. Contracted through Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. and the National Park Service to survey a 5.5 mile segment of the existing Susquehanna to Roseland 230Kv right of way through Water Gap National Park in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The project required considerable property as one of the requirements was to determine the property boundaries of the original tracts acquired by the National Park Service and their respective intersections with the Park Service property.  The project was fast-tracked and the team was able to develop a logistically acceptable plan to perform research in multiple jurisdictions, coordinate 4-5 field survey crews and effectively process the collected data.  Boundary determination was performed for the original tracts and the existing transmission line and subsequently marked at all intersecting points and 100-foot intervals along the transmission line.  All project deadlines and expectations were successfully accomplished.

2011 Transmission Survey Project. Statewide, MD. Project Manager. Dispatched field crews to each transmission line site as requested by BG&E. Survey work included establishing state plane coordinates and elevation, accurate location of the transmission lines, and simultaneously recording the time, temperature, wind velocity, and direction so that a proper calculation of sag could be made. Also performed a topographic survey of the ground and any obstacles that were beneath the transmission lines, then prepared plan view and profile drawings for each site. Mission planning involved scheduling escorts for site access and prior review of each site so that the correct circuits were located.

PEPCO Buzzard Point 138 kV Design, Project Surveyor. Contracted by PEPCO to assist in increasing their power distribution within the southeast DC area.  The team explored potential underground utility corridors for four proposed 138,000 volt transmission line feeders (3,400 LF±) between an existing substation and proposed substation.  Survey services included utility research, subsurface utility designating and topographic survey within existing rights of way for the design of a new 138 Kv electrical conduit line near the Buzzard Point facility in the District of Columbia.

CNX Marine Terminal Open-End. Baltimore, MD. Survey Manager. The CNX Marine Terminal (CNX) is a subsidiary of Consol Energy, Inc. and located in the Baltimore Harbor. It is situated on 200 acres of waterfront property with eight piers and six wharf structures. The terminal features ground storage for more than 1.1 million tons of coal and features high-speed, high-capacity equipment that can provide coal trans-shipment directly from rail cars to ocean-going vessels. Mr. Ruzicka supported numerous underwater diving and engineering services to CNX in order to immediately rehabilitate neglected waterfront structures. Other services provided to CNX include program management, feasibility studies for installation of a 1,500-foot long culvert for additional yard storage and a drainage/water-reuse study, hazardous and field systems compliance services, topographic and bathymetric surveying, dredging maintenance plan, utility location services, environmental and land development permitting, yard lighting design, construction management, and construction inspection.

BGE Paca and Orchard Street, Baltimore City, MD, Project Surveyor. Contracted by BGE to perform a boundary and topographic survey of the Paca and Orchard property in Baltimore City.  The effort consisted of property research and boundary determination along with a detailed topographic survey for design purposes.

BGE Waugh Chapel Substation, Project Surveyor. Contracted by BGE to perform property research, boundary survey, establish aerial targets, aerial survey and supplemental topography for the Waugh Chapel Substation expansion.

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